Our Mission

Our Mission


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the Chaplaincy of Social Assistance. At SACFEC, we consider ourselves a 2.0 chaplaincy that has evolved to provide humanitarian work worldwide, breaking down the barriers of borders and without making distinctions of race, ethnicity, beliefs, faith, sociopolitical, economic, and cultural status.

Our team of chaplains has grown and continues in a constant process of training and continuous service, with the goal of understanding the different cultures and ways of each country where we provide our help. We aspire to be an example of love and unity in our BEING and DOING.

In order to provide comprehensive humanitarian social assistance, we offer psychosocial, spiritual, technical-missionary, and specialized support in different fields of action, whether in public or private institutions at an international level. Additionally, we provide spiritual and moral assistance to members of the military and state forces, as well as to groups within prisons, hospitals, universities, among others.

We focus on serving the entire population, with an emphasis on the most vulnerable and less fortunate. Likewise, we work in defense of human rights, promoting respect for differences and peaceful relations among peoples. We also protect animals and ensure the care of the environment. Through self-sustainable and self-supporting actions, we carry out projects and manage international aid.

Our work is to go where others cannot, with the necessary permits and in accordance with the laws in each place, both nationally and internationally, to cross barriers and help all people in need of a helping hand.

The nature of our work means that we are often present in moments of crisis and emergencies, helping to save lives and providing emotional support to those in need. But we also work on projects that help entire communities recover from natural disasters, improve their lives, and build a more prosperous future. In everything we do, we place people at the center.

We work to understand and meet the needs of the people we interact with, always seeking ways to help, build bridges, and provide lasting support. Through our work, we believe we can make a significant difference in the world, improving the lives of those who need it most.